Impact and Sound Control

CANNON® Impact Pads

Impact pads with adhesive back.


Retail $10.50


PZMF-GCP-HP   Single

Retail $  5.25


CANNON® Leather Impact Bass Pads

Black leather impact pads prolong the life of any bass drum head.  Adhesive back applies in seconds.

UPIP12  12 Per Bag

Retail $35.00


UPIP6     6 Per Bag

Retail $21.00


CANNON® Felt Dots

Felt dot impact pads with adhesive back.

UPFD12  12 Per Bag

Retail $10.50


UPFD4      4 Per Bag

Retail $  6.00



Black dots add durability, dampen overtones, and look terrific.  They have the ability to change clear heads to dot heads; therefore cutting down your inventory.

UP3D 20 - 3.5''

Retail $23.00


UP4D 15 - 4.75''

Retail $26.00


UP5D 10 - 5.5''

Retail $24.00


UP7D 5 - 7''

Retail $19.00


UP3457 3 Of Each

Retail $25.00


CANNON® Bass Drum Foam

Package of two drum muffler strips that will accomodate up to a 32’’ bass drum. Adhesive backing. 1 1/4'' wide. 2 Per Bag


Retail $31.95


CANNON® Bass Felt Strips

Thick acrylic felt bass strips dampen overtones and give more rebound to bass drum heads. 2 per bag


Retail $12.00


CANNON® Bass Muffler

Installs in any bass drum in seconds to dampen overtones.  Specify Bass Drum Depth:  14'', 16'' or 18''.

UPCBM14 14''

Retail $24.00


UPCBM16 16''

Retail $46.00


UPCSM18 18''

Retail $48.00


ATTACK™ Thick Felts

Dampen overtones with these 100% thick wool felts. 2 Per Bag, Small fits up to 22'', Large fits up to 28''


Retail $30.00



Retail $30.00



Dampen overtones with our Attack Rings, just simply set on top of your head. No adhesive necessary and can be removed instantly with no damage to head.


UPOR10 10''

Retail $6.00


UPOR12 12''

Retail $6.25


UPOR13 13''

Retail $6.50


UPOR14 14''

Retail $7.25


UPOR15 15''

Retail $7.50


UPOR16 16''

Retail $8.00


CANNON® Tone Putti™

Contains 5 reusable pieces


Retail $5.99


CANNON® Internal or External

Tone Control

- Internal tone control installs in minutes by drilling 2 small holes.

- External tone control clips easily onto snare or tom toms to dampen overtones.  Adjustment screw allows tension variance.


Retail $19.00


UPTCI Internal

Retail $19.00


UPTC External

Retail $21.00


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