Drum Keys

CANNON® T Type Pipe Band

Ratching drum key.


Retail $22.50


CANNON® Speed Key

Quick tension on any drum with a Speed Key


Retail $15.00


CANNON® Drill Bit Drum Key

Drill bit drum key tips to fit most drills.


Retail $18.00


CANNON® Basic Key

New bright chrome finish.  A must for the drum department.

UPDK6   6 Per Bag

Retail $25.50


UPDK2   2 Per Bag

Retail $10.50


CANNON® Economy Key

UPDKK1 1 Per Pk

Retail $    1.75*


UPDKK100 100 Per Pk

Retail $155.00*


CANNON® Ratchet

For fast tension on any drum.


Retail $22.50


CANNON® Mini Digital Torque Wrench


Retail $187.50

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