CANNON® Heavy-Duty Hi-Hat Clutch

Heavy-duty hi-hat clutch with large center

hole to fit most hi-hat stands.


Retail $23.00


CANNON® Deluxe Hi-Hat Sure Clutch

PSHK-7E  Retail $29.00


CANNON® Drop Clutch

Hit the lever to drop the hi-hat cymbal to close position. Depress the pedal to pick up and hold for regular use. A must for the double bass player.


Retail $38.00


CANNON® Hi-Hat Clutch

Light-duty hi-hat clutch for the drummer with functional economy in mind.


Retail $18.00


CANNON® Hi-Hat Seating

Hard plastic seating fits most hati-hat stands.

UPHHS Standard

Retail $13.00



Retail $14.50


CANNON®  Deluxe Air Holes

Replace your old air hole to match your Black Chrome or Chrome hardware. 3/4'' outside circumference.

AH1      Black Chrome

Retail $11.00


AH1C   Chrome

Retail $11.00


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